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Lillian Cox

In addition to her appearance on the Barbara Walters ABC Special
"Live to be 150," Lillian appeared on Inside Edition, May 9, 2008

          After her April 1st, 2008, appearance on the Barbara Walters ABC longevity special, the media has been captured by Southern Belle Lillian Cox. Inside Edition correspondent Megan Alexander and producer Christopher J. Dukas were recently in Tallahassee, Florida, and videoed Lillian in her home. Additionally the crew shot footage of Lillian at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum with owner DeVoe Moore. The segment also included scenes of Lillian driving and shopping. According to the Inside Edition crew: "The woman is amazing!"

          Lovely Lillian Cox, a petite Southern Belle with an iron will, was a successful entrepreneur at a time when most women were stay-at-home moms.  Community involvement in women’s groups, such as the Garden Club, and a large circle of friends of all ages, have helped keep her active and socially involved in her later years, and maintaining the lush garden at her home has been her pride and joy. However, when her octogenarian daughter became gravely ill, Lillian, then nearing 100, traveled to Texas to “bring her daughter home.”  She has lovingly cared for her only child for two years. 


          Sadly, Lillian's daughter, Carolyn, passed away earlier in 2008. Carolyn was present when the ABC camera crew came to video Lillian at her home last fall for the spring 2008 airing of Barbara Walters ABC Special: "Live to be 150 ... Can You Do It." Carolyn's health, though, took a turn for the worse several weeks before the airing of the Special. Our prayers are with Lillian and her family as they grieve the passing of their beloved Carolyn. 

  My Grandmother, Lillian
  ... a note from granddaughter, Alyson

I know my Grandfather decided Grandmother was “the one” very early.  I believe she was 16, so he dated her older sister, Melba, until Grandmother was old enough to date.  He wanted to keep an eye on her.
          Since he passed, she has had numerous gentlemen friends and several proposals of marriage.  She never wanted to remarry, though her boyfriends would do anything in the world for her. Mr. Johnson would take her to church, lunch and then driving around Sunday afternoons.  He proudly showed up one day with a brand new Buick. She complimented it, but Mr. Johnson could tell she wasn’t thrilled with it.  The next time he came over he had a brand new Cadillac.

          Another, Mr. Brush, lived in Houston.  He wanted her to marry him so badly he told her she could still live in Florida if she wanted. 
          Owning a ladies' fashion store, Grandmother was certainly an early entrepreneur. I went with her on several buying trips.  She would never let the salesmen talk her into something she didn’t think she could sell.  She knew her clientele very well and would buy for certain customers.  Her store was located downtown and she sold to state office workers, Florida State University students and society ladies.  Husbands would call and she would choose items, wrap them and take them out to their cars as they drove by — a man’s shopping dream. 
          Grandmother is a long time member of the First Baptist Church, Women’s Club, American Business Women’s Association, Garden Club, and Camellia Club.  She served as hostess at the Governor’s mansion on many occasions.  She held charm schools and organized fashion shows. She always says: “You have to be a friend to have a friend."  And, she has many, many friends, young and old.  It takes three months to get an appointment with her dermatologist.  Grandmother, however, walks in the back door whenever she wants, is greeted by the staff and taken straight to his office. His assistant comes to her home to treat her — what service!
          My Grandmother is a very determined lady and special lady.  She has been an inspiration to all of us and we love her deeply. 
          Grandmother’s only child was my mom, Carolyn.  I am the eldest of three granddaughters.  The second is Candy and the youngest is Celia.  I have two children, Justin and Carolyn.  Would you believe my son [early 20s] has been dating a young lady for three years named Carolyn?  My brother-in-law calls her “Quatro” for #4. My sister Celia has one son, Tommy, who is 13 years old. To sum it up: Grandmother has one daughter, three granddaughters, one great-granddaughter and two great-grandsons.

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