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Behind the Scene ...
"Live to be 150...
Can You Do It?"
an ABC
Barbara Walters Special




Elsa Hoffmann, Barbara Walters and
Joan Textor at the video taping of the
ABC Barbara Walters Special

A letter from Elsa's daughter, Joan,  about their trip to New York

       My mother is centenarian Elsa B. Hoffmann who appeared on the Barbara Walters Special and is quoted in the article on about the show. Wherever Elsa goes, whether traveling inside or outside the U.S., or socializing, shopping, at church, or elsewhere, people express wonder and joy in meeting her. Their eyes light up and smiles beam, asking "What is your secret?"

        She inspires everyone young and old with her much younger than 100 appearance and demeanor. We would like to acknowledge these friends and strangers alike; we greatly appreciate their amazing, enthusiastic response and respect. Their admiration and affection is wonderful! At the grocery store around her birthday, a group of people broke out singing "Happy Birthday" to her as she waited in the deli line! Fabulous!
         I accompanied my mother to the TV taping of the show and met Barbara Walters and "The Fab Five" of centenarians featured.  Each of these centenarians affected others in a great way through their various fields and pursuits, past and present, whether it be in higher education, fashion, entertainment, music, business, or operating resort vacationing. Each contributed to the benefit of peoples' lives. 
         It was a marvelous experience for mother and myself to meet the other centenarians and their devoted relatives and to party with them at The Yale Club and Tavern On The Green with our friend and author on centenarians, Lynn Peters Adler (founder and centenarian expert of the National Centenarians Awareness Project -, along with her husband Jim. To meet Barbara Walters, producer Rob Wallace and Jennifer Joseph as well as the entire ABC TV entourage ... you just can't imagine the thrill of seeing the exciting creation of the taping experience. Of course Barbara Walters is THE BEST and is even more beautiful and charming in person. THANK YOU, BARBARA, for your marvelous special! .... once again, it is my main wish to acknowledge the people who have given mother (EBH!) great joy in their overwhelming compliments and accolades!


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